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We provide a variety of products and methods designed to overcome specific problems. Our systems are proven performers for almost 30 years. The owner can choose what is best for their projects and our network of licensed applicators are professional in every way.


CONmicSHIELD molecularly bonds to the concrete particles and impregnates the entire concrete matrix. Protection is throughout the entire thickness and not just on the surface. It is an EPA registered anti-bacterial agent clinically proven to prevent colonization of Thiobacillus bacteria that produce sulfuric acid in sanitary sewer systems. When there are no bacteria, there can be no corrosion.


We encourage districts and municipalities to explore the option of self-installation using our PermaCast system. They are trained and supported by our corporate office. More often than not, most districts find that there are minimal setup costs. Due to the fact they use PermaCast materials, they use our SpinCaster™ free of charge.

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We’re here to help with your rehabilitation projects and questions. Contact us at 800-662-6465 or click below to go to our Contact Us page. We will be happy to respond.


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