Invest in Manhole Rehab to Avoid More Costly Pipe Line & Sewer Line Repair Down the Road

For more than 40 years, AP/M Permaform has produced high-quality products for sewer line repair and seamless manhole concrete pipe restoration. Our leading Permaform® system and resourceful solutions make it easy to replace manhole concrete pipes without having to excavate and negatively affect the structural integrity of the area. And, if you wish to simply reinforce and seal the pipe liner of a brick or concrete drain pipe or sewer pipe, we carry our specialty Permacast® Mortars to handle the job. We're dedicated to finding the safest and most efficient means to restore manhole concrete piping. Pricing for our products may vary, so contact us today to learn more and get started on your project!

Action Products Marketing Corp. (AP/M) began rehabilitating manholes in 1975 with our patented PERMAFORM® system for replacement of manholes without digging and without interrupting flows. Our own crews were sent throughout the US to perform this unique solution. Cities soon realized that lining sewer pipes without sealing their manholes only transferred the problem but did not eliminate it. Manhole rehabilitation quickly began to receive the attention it deserved and project requests started to come in from all across the country. The work load began to exceed the ability of AP/M to keep up with this ever expanding market with just its own crews. A network of affiliated contractors and representatives were soon organized.

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