I&I Barrier

The I&I Barrier is designed to stop water from leaking into your manholes through the grade rings. Many tests have proven that an excessive amount of ground water is being infiltrated through the cone section of the chimney. That water is then processed at the treatment plants, which costs municipalities money, especially when the snow melts or if it rains.

The I&I Barrier is made of polyethylene, which is weather and puncture resistant, and forms an interior wall that stops water from infiltrating into the manhole.

Once installation is complete, there is no need for further adjustments since adjustable bands are not used to hold it in place.

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Cities Benefit from I&I Barrier

West Fargo, ND

For five years now the City of West Fargo has used the I&I Barrier to stop unwanted water coming into the manholes. Excessive ground water filtering into the sanitary manholes has been a problem in the West Fargo area due to massive flooding in the spring and high ground water tables. The I&I Barrier has stopped this water from infiltrating into the sanitary manholes keeping it in the soil where it belongs. We have found several advantages to the I&I Barrier like:
• Easy Installation, no learning curve
• Stops water and sediment infiltration through the adjusting rings
• Helps keep manholes clean during construction
• Keeps mortar from falling into manholes
• Easy to inspect
• Easily adjusted for different road variations.

Bottom line: It saves contractors, engineers and Cities time and money!!

We are happy with the I&I Barrier and will continue to use it for years to come.

Brock M. Storrusten, P.E.
City of West Fargo, ND

West St. Paul, MN

As a City Engineer in West St. Paul, Minnesota, and prior to that as an Assistant City Engineer in Chanhassen, Minnesota, I have specified the I&I Barrier for a combined five years. I have found that the I&I Barrier accomplishes what I want it to and more.

The I&I Barrier not only keeps water out of my sewer system, but I have found that it keeps mortar from falling down into the bottom of my manholes when installing rings, keeps sediment out and lastly the I&I Barrier makes my manholes that much more presentable with its visible safety yellow color.

I am more than happy with the I&I Barrier. The cost savings are considerable. I would recommend the I&I Barrier to any city that is addressing the issue of I/I in their sewer systems.

Matt Saam, P.E.
Public Works & Parks Director/City Engineer
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