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An effective preventative of Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC)Click to read more

Coatings providing high resistant to a wide range of acids and temperatures.Click to read more

MS 10,000
Structural Liners made of specially formulated fiber reinforced cements.Click to read more

Non-acid cement remover is non-hazardous and cost-effective.Click to read more

I&I Barrier
Stop water from leaking into your manholes through the grade rings.Click to read more

PL 8,000
Structural Liners made of specially formulated fiber reinforced cements.Click to read more

Permacast Plug
Rapid-set, hydraulic repair material used for under water concrete repair.Click to read more

Permacast Patch
A one-component repair material achieving 3000 psi strength in 3 hours.Click to read more

An epoxy based liner for reinforcement and chemical corrosion protection.Click to read more

Make quick work of cleaning sewer structures to prepare for coatings or linings.Click to read more
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Action Products Marketing Corp. (AP/M) began rehabilitating manholes in 1975 with our patented PERMAFORM® system for replacement of manholes without digging and without interrupting flows. Our own crews were sent throughout the US to perform this unique solution. Cities soon realized that lining sewer pipes without sealing their manholes only transferred the problem but did not eliminate it. Manhole rehabilitation quickly began to receive the attention it deserved and project requests started to come in from all across the country. The work load began to exceed the ability of AP/M to keep up with this ever expanding market with just its own crews. A network of affiliated contractors and representatives were soon organized.

AP/M believes that successful rehabilitation requires quality products and quality workmanship. The only way to ensure that contractors will perform to the same high standards that we have set for ourselves is to train and to license local installers. AP/M has trained and certified more than twenty regional applicators throughout the US and Europe.
Featured Case Study

Working in the Bayou

T.V. Diversified completes a difficult junction box rehabilitation in a short time frame
Repairing and relining large sewer lines is always a serious undertaking, especially when the lines in question run underneath a Texas bayou. Repipe Texas, a national CIPP contractor, was working on such a project when they ran into a serious snag; after designing and installing a temporary bypass system involving six high-volume diesel pumps and four temporary lines, system engineers were surprised to discover that a critical concrete junction box was badly decomposed by microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) and in danger of failing structurally. To keep this major infrastructure project on track, the box needed to be cleaned and rehabilitated in a very short time frame, while CIPP work continued. Repipe called on T.V. Diversified, a South Floridabased trenchless rehabilitation contractor, to complete the difficult project under extreme time pressure.
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