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Eight-year test concludes ConShield® treated concrete is superior to Calcium Aluminate cement in severe sulfide conditions. In 1999 the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, under the direction of Chuck Schroeder, city engineer, embarked on a study to determine the optimal method for preventing concrete corrosion in sanitary manholes due to hydrogen sulfide gas. Turbulence, moderatelyhigh temperatures, and septic sewage create conditions that are ideal for sulfuric acid (H2SO4) production. Sulfuric ac...
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The City of Hampton, Virginia, covers approximately 136 square miles in the Hampton Roads area. With a population of 150,000 people, Hampton is the home of the Langley Air Force Base and Space Center. It also boasts a wide variety of business, industrial, retail and residential areas, historical sites and miles of beaches. The urban waterfront city is becoming a hot spot for tourists on the East Coast.
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In 2000, the manholes near City Hall in Hampton, Virginia, were identified as being severely deteriorated from high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas which fed bacteria to form Microbiologically Induced Corrosion. When unprotected concrete is exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, bacteria can quickly grow creating sulfuric acid which allows structural damage in just a few short years. This was the case in the City of Hampton. The City of Hampton chose to fix the manhole on Queens Way using a process cal...
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City Innovates in Manhole Rehabilitation - Lexington, Missouri
Lexington, Missouri is a historical river town (population, 5,000) with many 19th century homes and historical sites. The City of Lexington recently completed a successful manhole rehabilitation program, reducing I/I while minimizing cost. A total of 75,000 lf of sewer vitrified clay pipe and brick manholes is located in the historical downtown district. The city has retained the services of Alliance Water Resources Inc. to operate and maintain the sanitary sewer system. In response to sewer bac...
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