Alberta’s Ministry of Transportation Uses Trenchless Under Highway 2

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Alberta’s Ministry of Transportation Uses Trenchless Under Highway 2


Alberta’s Ministry of Transportation awarded the 2015 Award of Excellence for Construction Innovation to a pilot project that used CentriPipe to rehabilitate 40-year-old twin culverts located 25 km west of Athabasca on Highway 2.

“As Alberta’s infrastructure ages, the risk of culvert failures under major roads throughout the province increases, which can result in sinkholes, road damage and flooding,” said the ministry. “These result in excessive costs to government agencies that have to fix/replace pipes at emergency rates; private land owners who are often affected by flooding damage; and road users in terms of travel disruptions and delays. The conventional solution is to treat such damaged culverts by installing liners or replacing the culvert, both of which are costly and disruptive to traffic.”

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